Remote Assessment System (ONMISITE)

Reduce the hassle and cost of operational visits to remote locations whilst optimizing the time spent on various types of inspections such as site visits, credit visits, repair inspection visits, insurance visits etc.

"On-MIsite" allows the business to digitally visit any customer or business location by contacting a single person on site, who only needs to have a mobile phone with a camera feature.

Business user initiated GPS tagged images and videos integrated with Google Maps for verification of location authenticity ensures no photos or videos are stored on the end-user mobile.

A previous remote visit call can be continued by even a different business user at a later time with all audit trails and history of digital visits tracked through the "On-MIsite" application


Social Distancing based work completion and customer servicing

SMS and 3G/4G technology-based interactive communication with the customer

GPS tracking of location for verification of accuracy of customer location

No requirement to install any App or software on the customer's mobile

No images or videos are stored on the customer's mobile

Online video calling whilst video recording and image capturing

Run as a standalone application or integrated with an existing workflow system

Improved productivity due to high digital mobility in business

High Security with TCP based communication