Identity Management System SSO

A Single Sign On (SSO) based secure User and API Access Identity Management Solution with multi-factor authentication and directory integration for managing of the entire user life cycle across both web and mobile platforms.

The MISYN solution provides a cost effective, quick to implement option, for the enterprise to secure applications, be it on a commercial cloud or an on-premise platform or even a hybrid implementation.


Integrated access management

Security Question

Email as a factor

3rd party MFA integration

Group and app access policies

IdP discovery

Customizable user experience

Custom org URLs (e.g.

Local language support

Directory Integrations

Unlimited integrations to AD & LDAP

Real-time reporting

Location context

Security questions

Cloud directory

Unlimited directory integrations (AD/LDAP & apps)

Unlimited custom user attributes and fields

Custom mapping and transformation

Cloud-based LDAP authentication

Directory integration with AD or LDAP

Application and directory integrations

OAuth 2.0 and OIDC compliant

Dynamic client registration

Central access and authorization management

User consent

Customizable scopes and claims

Customizable authorization servers

Kerberos/IWA applications