We excel in providing customized, responsive workflow solutions based on web and mobile platforms as well as deployment and maintenance of open source application solutions aimed at improving information technology based processes.

Our development expertise are primarily Java technology driven and open source development platform focused with experience in integrating a majority of open source and commercial databases such as MariaDB, MySql, Oracle, DB2, Access, SQL server etc.

The professional services offered range from the consulting work on system design, system implementation, system migration, and business process re-engineering to enhance ROI on IT investment.

Web Platform Solutions

Mobile Platform Solutions

Consultancy Services

Network & Open source Solutions

The internet and intranet based e-commerce business has now become part and parcel of an organisation's product and services delivery and at M I Synergy (Private) Limited we believe in providing e-business solutions that are efficient and highly cost effective.

The comprehensive range of solutions offer businesses the opportunity of anytime, anywhere business monitoring and management, with optimized product and service delivery.

The InSyn web technology based solutions primarily offer the following products to truly maximize profits by managing its business relationships for optimum customer satisfaction, while enhancing the efficiency of internal processes.

InSyn Financial Suite caters to the financial services industry by providing a web based transaction management workflow solution for the banking services, insurance services and other financial service such as payment gateways, e-commerce portals, micro finance, leasing, and mortgages.

InSyn Facilitator Suite provides workflow based transaction management solutions to sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, retail, production, education and medical fields.

InSyn CRM and ERP Suite provides the business with the necessary tools that include Business Intelligence, Document Management, Graphical Analysis, Sales Force Management, Service Portals, and transaction interfaces.

The company also provides expertise in web portal designing, implementation and maintenance to ensure maximizing your ROI.

All InSyn products come in a secure modular architecture.

Irrespective of what device is used; mobile phone, the PDA or palmtop device, mobile commerce or m-commerce is the next step in maximizing the profitability of the organisation in the competitive market environment.

M I Synergy Private Limited offers a complete range of solutions based on mobile communication platforms which enables the business organisation to maximize efficiency and effectiveness by converting the mobile phones, PDAs and palmtops into office space for the management of business as well as offering a new product and service delivery point to the organization.

The MoSyn mobile devices based solutions range primarily offers the following products.

MoSyn Financial Suite caters to the financial services industry by way of providing solutions on SMS, Mobile Applications and Responsive Design Technology based platforms for Banking, Insurance and other financial service providers.

MoSyn Facilitator Suite which caters to non financial business sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, retail, production, education and medical fields using SMS transaction engines and Responsive Design Technology.

MoSyn Integrator tool will assist any business to integrate the existing legacy systems to the mobile services through flexible and customized APIs.

All MoSyn products come in a secure modular architecture.

M I Synergy Private Limited offers a wide range of IT consultancy services that cover the entire project management scope of systems and solutions implementation. From evaluation to implementation we will walk with you to ensure success based on effective and efficient monitoring and control of processes.

With several mission critical projects in the Banking and Financial Services sectors already undertaken by us, we have a proven track record of value addition to the business. We offer ICT consulting, technology skills, and application expertise to help you extend, enhance, and leverage new and existing IT investments by providing cost advantages as well as a strategic value.

We provide technical consultancy services to help you make ICT decisions based on informed, precise technical analysis aimed at improving your profitability and increasing the ROI on your information systems. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the financial, production, and software industry we can assess the technical feasibility of your plans and provide an extra, independent analysis so that your investment is secure.

Our experienced and qualified technical support teams are at your service for the implementation and maintenance of open source solutions that provide the best ROI.

Why open source Software ?

End-to-end control over your information system.

Reduced information system costs.

Technical independence from software publishers.

Repositioning of integration and interoperability as key concepts of your information system development strategy.

Licenses – Resolve legal issues.

Reliability and Performance – Really meets your need even on low cost hardware.

Long Term Sustainability – Guarantee that the software will be available and maintained for a long term.

Costs – Development and maintenance costs to be shared.

The web and application servers we deploy are not second to any commercial products. They are robust, commercial-grade, feature rich and freely-available servers. Open source web servers are in the first place for hosted web sites in the world fulfills requirement on par with system audit and security recommendations.

Open source database servers are available with features similar to enterprise level servers. They are world's most popular because of consistent fast performance, high reliability and ease of use, capable of handling high volumes, business critical systems and running on many platforms.

Web caching proxy servers support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages with extensive access controls and make a great server accelerator. In other words they optimize the data flow between client and server to improve performance and caches frequently-used content to save bandwidth.


The range of uniquely customizable solutions offered by us is comprehensive with the following products leading the way;


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