Go Green - Customer e-Doc Portal

Go-Green e-Doc Portal is for the environment conscious corporate citizen, seeking enhanced operational productivity through digitally enabled, green business operations.

The Go-Green solution brings the environmental sustainability initiatives into a meaningful implementation, by enhancing customer servicing and business delivery through initiatives that increase the digital customers.

With multiple implementations across diverse internal operations of enterprises, the solution has now evolved to cater to both B2C and B2B document flows.

Unique Features

e-mail, SMS and standard browser technology based communication with customer

Built in OTP and PII information based multi factor authentication of customer

Elimination of manual printing and dispatch of physical documents to customers

No requirement to install any App or software on customer side

Higher flexibility for the customer to view, download and print as and when required

Digital Document Repository with multi-language support

Improved productivity due to high digital mobility in business

Comprehensive audit trails for data/document sync, document generation, communication and customer activity

Let's Go Green. Don't let the leaves leave us.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Highly Scalable Operations

Highly Digital Mobility

Secured & Easy Access

Higher Process Visibility

Clear Accurate Pricing